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Welcome to Dietz International - a World Class Public Adjusting Firm that you can count on to handle your disaster claim!

Public insurance adjusting is a highly valuable service that can be overlooked by some people, simply because they may not realize the additional value that we bring to their claim.  After a disaster, you may decide to solely rely upon your insurance company to calculate the size of your loss.  Afterward, you may find that the insurance company’s claim calculation is far lower than what you initially expected.  Accepting only the insurance company’s view of your claim can often result in a huge shortfall in the insurance claim settlement.  Why not get a second opinion?  Since 1928, Dietz International has leveled the playing field by quantifying the loss and packaging the claim from the Insured’s point of view.  

Our team will review your policy, evaluate your loss and address your unique individual claim situation.  We will professionally present and negotiate your claim with the insurance company adjuster.  Your insurance company will undoubtedly assign an adjuster and hire various experts to represent their interests.  When you retain Dietz International as your Public Adjuster, you will have an expert team in place to represent your best interests in the claim process.

With many years of disaster related experience we know exactly how to compile and negotiate your claim with your insurance carrier.   Everyone on our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible services for all of our clients.  Depending on the needs of our client, we often work with structural engineering firms, building contractors, legal counsel, forensic accounting firms and individuals from other professional diciplines.    Dietz International is a highly regarded member of many professional associations including AAPIA, TAPIA, FAPIA and CAPIA.

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• Hurricane Harvey - CAT 4 Texas Gulf Coast
• Hurricane Irma - CAT 4 in Florida
• F5 Tornado Moore, Oklahoma
• Superstorm Sandy Eastern Seaboard
• Hurricane Ike CAT 2 Houston, TX
• Hurricane Rita CAT 3 Texas Gulf Coast
• Hurricane Wilma CAT 3 Miami, FL
• Hurricane Katrina CAT 3 New Orleans, LA
• Hurricane Charley CAT 3 Orlando, FL
• Hurricane Frances CAT 2 Daytona Beach, FL
• Hurricane Jeanne CAT 1 Daytona Beach, FL
• Hurricane Jose CAT 4 Antigua, U.S. Virgin  Islands
• Hurricane Gilbert CAT 3 Jamaica
• Hurricane Claudette CAT 1 Texas Gulf Coast
• Hurricane Georges CAT 4 Puerto Rico

• Hurricane Matthew - CAT 3 in Florida
• Hurricane Andrew CAT 5 Miami, FL
• Super Typhoon Paka, Guam
• Super Typhoon Pongsona, Guam

  • ​​Fire Storms, Napa County California 
  • Fire Storms, Sonoma County California
  • Fire Storms, Los Angeles, California
  • Fire Storms , Santa Barbara and San Bernardino, CA
  • The Loma Prieta 7.1 Earthquake San Francisco, CA
  • The Christchurch 6.4 Earthquake New Zealand
  • Fire Storms, Anaheim, Anaheim Hills, CA
  • Fire Storms, Laguna Beach, CA
  • Fire Storms, Malibu, CA.
  • Fire Storms, Oakland Hills, CA
  • Fire Storms ,San Diego, CA
  • Fire Storms, Santa Cruz County California
  • Fire Damage, L.A. Riots - Los Angeles, CA
  • Flood Damage, Houston and Dallas, TX
  • Hail Storm Damage in TX, OK, LA, FL, NC, NV, AZ
  • The Seattle 6.1 Earthquake Seattle, WA
  • The Northridge 6.3 Earthquake Los Angeles, CA
  • The 6.0 Whittier Earthquake Los Angeles, CA