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Navigating the Claims Process
Our team will provide you with professional guidance in identifying, quantifying, and establishing the full extent of your loss with the insurance company.  Knowing how to package and present the claim is a critical element in achieving a better recovery.

DIETZ INTERNATIONAL has over 90 years of proven professional performance in the Public Adjusting industry. We become your professional advocate in navigating the complex maze of the claims process.  We recognize that every insurance claim is unique.  You may find that interacting with the various insurance company representatives assigned to your claim can be quite a challenge.  However, it's highly likely that we have worked with your insurance company on many similar disaster claims in the past.  Over these many years we have built an excellent reputation in the claims industry.  Many times our involvement is openly welcomed by insurance company professionals.  We understand the claims process and we know how to present the information that your insurance claims adjuster will require in order to process the claim.  The building claim, equipment claim & business personal property claim are packaged for presentation to your insurance company. Our forensic accounting experts will prepare the loss of income claim. Your structural dwelling loss, contents inventory and additional living expense, is a very important part of your homeowners claim. The entire claim package will be discussed directly with you before we submit and negotiate the documentation with your insurance carrier.
It is important to compile and present the claim to respond to any favorable policy coverage language that may have been in place at the time of loss.  If you are attempting to handle your own claim, ask yourself the following questions.  Is there a co-insurance clause requirement within the policy?  What are the effects of co-insurance on your claim?  Is there an Agreed Value Endorsement in the policy and how would this change the way you would prepare and present the claim to your adjuster?  Does the insurance company agree with your projected Period of Restoration?  If not, how is that going to limit the amount of recovery that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy?  In what way does Time Element coverage and Physical Damage coverage differ?  These are all questions that you should be able to answer to properly package and present your claim.  We are experts in addressing these issues with your insurance company.  Rather than attempt to handle the claim yourself, let us handle it for you.

DIETZ INTERNATIONAL has the depth of experience to identify these issues and professionally package your insurance claim. We identify and prepare in advance for any potential claim handling problems. There is no substitute for experience!