Residential Client Comments
Residential Client Comments
Our residential team members have worked with thousands of homeowners in handling claims due to Fire, Wind, Water, Earthquake, Hail, Vandalism etc. Our experts assist in the damage assessment to the dwelling, contents inventory, artwork & antique evaluation, processing (ALE) Additional Living Expense claims.
FIRE & WATER DAMAGE CLAIMS.......”the PickFair Mansion is a world famous property in Beverly Hills that has captured the imagination of millions of people over many generations. When the damage occurred, it became clear to me that this situation required a highly experienced and qualified group to represent us in the insurance claim. Our decision to assign DIETZ INTERNATIONAL has indeed proven to be the right one. Your assistance in negotiating a multimillion dollar recovery was exemplary.......MESHULAM RIKLIS & PIA ZADORA
FIRE & WATER DAMAGE CLAIM......”when our home in Hollywood was damaged by fire, we retained DIETZ INTERNATIONAL to represent us. For those that have never had the misfortune of suffering a fire to their home, I can tell them that it is a terrible and confusing time. Looking back now we are so pleased that we hired your company. Needless to say, we were thrilled when you were able to negotiate twice the amount of the insurance company’s original offer........FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA
WATER DAMAGE CLAIM ......"both Nancy and I want to thank you for handling our water damage claim at our home. Early in the process it became clear that we were not going to be able to resolve the claim by ourselves. Later a friend recommended that we hire DIETZ INTERNATIONAL, to deal with our insurance company. We are very happy with the full settlement we received due to your negotiations with our insurance company. Your handling of the claim has allowed us to fully restore the home. Thanks again!"..... LAWRENCE “RICK”  MANETTI OF MAGNUM, P. I.
WIND & WATER DAMAGE CLAIM ......."after being away in Europe I was shocked to find out that my Houston home was severely damaged. I immediately engaged the services of DIETZ INTERNATIONAL to assist me in quantifying my claim. Many of my family heirlooms not only represented great personal sentimental value to me, but were antiques collected from all over the world by my family. Placing a proper valuation for the fine art restoration of damaged oil paintings, sculptures, handwoven Persian silk rugs & Louis XVI furnishings was expertly handled by your firm. The damage to the walls, floors and cabinets was unbelievable. Hiring DIETZ INTERNATIONAL to coordinate the water removal, identify the damage to my furnishings and working with the insurance company during the restoration was the best choice I have ever made. The $825,000.00 settlement that you negotiated with our insurance company was simply wonderful, but the peace of mind you provided was priceless! ”
......DR. PASHA